Company Policy

The aim of the company is to provide all its customers with services which consistently meet their requirements. The company is totally committed to achieving the highest standards with particular emphasis placed upon marine and human safety. The company believes in safe working practices and environmental protection. 

Quality Policy 

Tappinthakorn Group Co.,Ltd. is committed to provide quality maritime service, mooring master, loading master, ship to ship transfer, terminal management, tug boat service, mooring gang, ISO Consulting and Training project, PFSP consulting, terminal annual survey, whole sale / import-export petroleum or other good to the Maritime or general Industry and to be recognized as such by our principals and other stakeholders within the international industry.The Company 
Has an established Integrated Quality Management System which is accredited for compliance to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS / ISO 18001: 2007.
Believes in commitment from top. Tappinthakorn Group’s senior management monitors reviews and acts on all major complaints from principals or any other stakeholders and non–conformances that are noted in management process. The top management is fully aware of all quality issues and claims against the Company and will seek to address them immediately.  
Endeavors to attract, develop, motivate and retain loyal and dedicated employees to contribute to its quality objectives. Tappinthakorn Group Co.,Ltd. ensures the highest level of commitment, competence, and motivation at all levels contributing to delivery of quality services, through regular quality awareness and relevant skill training of the employees. All employees are kept aware of the importance of fulfilling our principals and other stakeholder’s requirements and expectations.
Applies quality assurance in evaluation, monitoring and management of subcontractors.  The relationship with subcontractors is laid down in clear, unambiguous agreements giving responsibilities, authority and requirements.
Endeavors to be a quality conscious, effective, reliable, cost conscious and service minded.
Monitors, audits, reviews, evaluates Tappinthakorn Group’s quality objectives and achieved results by:
  • Internal and external audits.
  • Customer feedback.
  • Performance & Conformity reports. 
  • The feedback received is used to continually improve the quality processes. 

Environment Policy
Tappinthakorn Group Co.,Ltd.(“Company”) endeavours to achieve environmental excellence in all aspects of business. The Company Has an established Environment Management System as a part of our Quality Management System, The Tappinthakorn Group’s strives to further reduce the environmental impact of operations by volunteering. Tappinthakorn Group Co.,Ltd. maintains emergency procedures aimed at mitigating damage to the environmental and human impacts in potential emergency situations. Tappinthakorn Group Co.,Ltd. strives to perform our services and duties in compliance with all relevant codes, industry best practices, all mandatory regulations and with the stated requirements and expectations set forth. 
Has a commitment to achieve zero pollution incident-rate. Tappinthakorn Group Co.,Ltd. undertakes to ensure utmost care and all possible actions, within its available capability and resources are taken to prevent pollution through safe maritime education and training services and efficient operations in the office. 
Informs, raises awareness among all employees with regards to the Tappinthakorn Group’s environmental protection policy, objectives, procedures, targets and their individual duties. Tappinthakorn Group Co.,Ltd. ensures compliance with environmental goals and strategies through regular training and guidance.
Seeks to reduce consumption of materials, re-use rather than discard where practicable, and promote recycling and the use of recycled materials. Tappinthakorn Group Co.,Ltd. encourages suppliers to continually reduce the impact of their operations by giving preference to environmentally friendly products whenever it is economically feasible.
Strives to continuously update, monitor, control environmental hazards and risks where specific objectives and targets will be set and reviewed on an annual basis. 
Monitors, audits, reviews, evaluates the company’s environmental objectives and achieved results by:
  • Internal and external audits.
  • Customer feedback.
  • Performance & Conformity reports. 

Health and Safety Policy
Tappinthakorn Group Co.,Ltd.(“Company”) conducts all activities with safety and health as an overriding consideration. The Company: Has an established Safety and Health Management System as part of our Quality Management System, which complies with Occupational Health and Safety laws, rules and regulations as established by laws and best industry practices. The procedure as set out protects the health and safety of its employees and ensures that their work will not adversely affect the health, safety and property of others. They provide the means and arrangement to minimize and remedy harm and injuries from accidents that may occur. Has an established Occupational Health and Safety System which is accredited for compliance for ISO 18001:2007. The Company has assessed all identified risks to their operation, personnel and the environment and established appropriate safeguards. Believes that safety and health matters are management responsibility. Tappinthakorn Group Co.,Ltd. guides all   employees to act responsibly to prevent injury to themselves, their colleagues and to property. All departments, under the direction of their departmental head, must:
  • Bring the Safety and Health Policy and any revision, to the notice of all employees under their management.
  • Monitor operation and review safety and health procedures for which they are responsible to ensure they comply with the Safety and Health Policy.  Actively encourage all employees to accept the principle that injuries and accidents at work can be prevented and to promote the high standards of safety and health consciousness, discipline and individual accountability that this principle demands.
  • Ensure that all accidents and hazardous incidents are fully investigated and remedial steps taken promptly to avoid recurrence.
  • Actively promote employee participation to observe measures to improve their health and safety at work.
  • Ensure that all contractors working under their direct management apply health, safety and environmental standards equal to their own.
  • Keep all employees and contractors appropriately informed of potential hazards which might affect them.
  • Confirm that safety prevails over security in case of a conflict of the said procedures.
  • Provides all its employees with the information, equipment, necessary training and regular medical check-ups for them to carry out their work in a safe and healthy way.
  • Monitors, audits, reviews, evaluates the Tappinthakorn Group’s occupational safety and health objectives and achieved results by:
  • Internal and external audits.
  • Reports of accidents and hazardous occurrences.
  • Performance & Conformity reports. 
From this, it follows that it is the duty of all employees to act responsibly to prevent injury to themselves, their colleagues and to property.